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The magnificent & incredible Hot Springs

The magnificent & incredible Hot Springs in Uganda

The magnificent & incredible Hot Springs Uganda is endowed with many hot springs that provide great view which has attracted tourists in the country, some which include kitagata, Ssempaya, Amoropii, Buranga, Ihimba, Rwagimba, and Kibiro.

Ssempaya hot spring

Ssempaya hot spring is in Semliki national park in western Uganda in Ntandi town and the name Ssempaya is from Kiswahili phrase ‘’ sehemu’’. This amazing hot spring boils up to a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius.

Nature walk in Semliki national park offers a chance to watch both male and female hot springs. These hot springs are the most outstanding attractions in the park located at the edge of Ituri forests.

Kitagata hot spring

Kitagata hot spring is a natural hot spring in western Uganda and it has natural healing powers. This amazing hot spring has a very rich past up to now people from different ends come and take bath. The geothermal manifestations occur in this kitagata hot spring.

Rwagimba hot spring# The magnificent & incredible Hot Springs

Rwagimba hot spring is the one located on Rwimi River that separates kasese from Kabarole. Visiting the hot springs one is able to take unusual breath deep because of many interesting things.

Amoropii hot spring# The magnificent & incredible Hot Springs

however, Amoropii hot spring is in the district of Nebbi and is among the interesting hot springs in the west Nile. This hot spring comprises of the stream whose water gets heat when it flows through the pool.

Buranga hot spring

Buranga hot spring is in Bundibugyo near Rwenzori Mountains & is one of the amazing hot springs in east Africa where water flows naturally out of the ground .

Ihimba hot spring# The magnificent & incredible Hot Springs

meanwhile, Ihimba hot spring is in Kabale district known for the strategic scenic features. however, we get the name Ihimba from the bahima people who occupy the place around the hot spring. while, the gift of hot spring is the magical healing waters and hundreds of masses move long distances to meet the special powers of the hot springs.

Kiboro hot spring# The magnificent & incredible Hot Springs

however, Kibiro hot spring is one of the amazing wonders in Hoima, Uganda with beautiful scenic views. It has aroused the adventure love of majority of the people from different destinations both locals and foreigners.

The magnificent & incredible Hot

Visit Uganda  to experience these magnificent 7 hot springs, as well as exploring other attractive things such as primates & birds, beautiful lakes & rivers.

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