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Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park This park is one of Uganda’s oldest & most popular game parks. The park is found in south western Uganda bordering the Congo. It has attractions & interesting activities that make it truly gifted by nature. The most popular savannah park in Uganda and the best place to see lions including the Tree Climbing lions making it the perfect destination for a Uganda Wildlife Safari. It prides in a great diversity such as lakes, savannah grasslands, forests and wetlands that serve as home to the biggest variety of large mammals in the country.

Filming in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda — All you need to know

Location Queen Elizabeth National Park

One would wonder where the Park is found Well, it is found in the western part of Uganda laying between Lakes Gorge and Albert with the Kazinga Channel crossing through its 700 sq. mile land area. The park was named after the Queen of England in 1954 following her visit.  Located about 389 km from the capital Kampala and can be accessed whether by road on a drive or by a jet flight.

Wildlife in Queen Elizabeth National Park

A home to 618 bird species which is the 6th highest diversity is the world and the highest in Africa. Making it a perfect destination for Uganda Birding Safaris after Bwindi impenetrable forest, in addition to 10 primate species like chimpanzees and 95 mammals including big game.

Attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Tree Climbing Lions: with just two populations of these unique lions in the whole world, explore the southern Ishasha sector to track these lions commonly seen up in the fig and acacia trees.


The Kazinga Channel: this natural water channel connects Lakes Albert and Gorge and is a home to a large number of hippos, Nile Crocodiles, elephants and hippos which can easily be seen on the thrilling Kazinga Boat Ride.

Kasenyi Plains: tourists visit these plains since its a home to large number of antelopes, the Uganda Kobs, lions and several large predators.

Kalinzu Forest: this offers very rewarding chimpanzee tracking experiences and it is located on the southeastern corner of the park.

The Kyambura Gorge: this verdant forested 100-meter-deep valley with peculiar is a home to a large number of primates and liked for Chimpanzee tracking tours.

Mweya Peninsular: this is a stretch of land that protrudes into Lake Edwards, visited during game drives.

Lake Katwe Salt Works: salt mining is the main economic activity in the area. Consequently, a large number of tourists visit here to learn and observe the traditional method of salt mining.

The Katwe Explosion Crater Lakes: these lakes found in the northern part are on the highest elevation of the park. From here tourists enjoy watching the ranges of mountain Rwenzori, the western rift valley escarpments and lakes George and Edward.

Accommodation option

Queen Elizabeth National Park offers lodges,& rooms for everyone irrespective of your budget and these range from luxury, mid-range to budget facilities. They include;

  • Pumba safari lodge
  • Queen Elizabeth safari lodge
  • Ishasha wilderness camp
  • Park view lodge
  • Elephant plains lodge
  • Savannah resort hotel
  • Ishasha jungle lodge
  • Marafiki safari lodge
  • Irungu forest safari lodge
  • Mweya safari lodge
  • Enganzi lodge
  • White house hotel
  • Kasenyi safari camp

Visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park

meanwhile, the best time to visit is from January to February as well as June to September.

similarly, the highest peak is from June to September.

while, Migratory species arrive in August to December as well as March to May.

Activities in queen Elizabeth national park

The list of the things to do in the park include;

Game driving.

This is the major highlight for visiting this incredible park. The scenic game drive gives you a chance to view even the most elusive parks sauna.

Nature walks &The tree-climbing lions of Ishasha.

These lions are accessible on the trip to or from gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Besides the amazing climbing tree king of the jungle, the sector is also home to other animals such as herds of buffaloes, large number of elephants, warthogs & antelopes all which make a memorable trip to the game park.

Bird watching# Queen Elizabeth National Park

 Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of Uganda’s top birding place, a haven to over 600 bird species primates.

Boat trip/launch cruise

It takes place on the Kazinga channel, linking lake Edward to lake George & is an exhilarating event for the visitors at the park. It has almost all of the attractions you may want to spot.

Chimp trekking

The Kyambura George, also known as the valley of apes found in the northern part of the park. Queen Elizabeth national park is a home to chimpanzee. The chimps in Kyambura are seasoned meaning they have accustomed to human presence & this doesn’t deter them from going on with their activities.

Other best trips to consider

Tourists visits more than one destination in Uganda, you can combine your Queen Elizabeth safari with gorilla trekking safaris in Bwindi, tour Murchison Falls National Park. For relaxation after your wildlife safari, you can visit Ssese Islands but if you are more interested in adventure, take on rafting on the Nile, chimpanzee trekking in Kibale, Rwenzori Mountains climbing and Mount Elgon hike.

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