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+256 771056981 info@bonobosafricansafariholidays.com

Our Team

Bonobos African Safari Holidays Staff Team

Our Team, Nevertheless, our tour guides born and raised in East African Countries as well as central Africa. Meanwhile, trained naturalists, environmentalists. And rare game spotters.

Similarly, all  experienced, friendly, and excellent at their jobs. Furthermore, our guides fluent in English, French, Spanish. German, and Italian. Meanwhile, most of them have over 15 year’s safari guiding experience. In addition to, their goal to keep you safe, happy, and informed in all ways possible.

Family likeness

When you are on safari with us, we  treat you as a family member. Furthermore, we are simply excited about sharing the land that is known and loved. However, years of involvement in the industry. Has taught us a brand of customer care for our clients.

Dreams coming true

However, we make your African Safari dreams come true. Not only showing all animals. And the great Apes. But also to provide the best service to you in general. Meanwhile, all the vehicles used on safari are open roofs.

Our Staff

The staff  knowledgeable about the region, the tourist attractions each ending has to offer. Furthermore, they are always available.To offer help with any questions. You might have as you plan your safari holiday.

While, studies are always answered to within 24 hours. Lastly, the safari guides  ensure that your holiday is safe and memorable.


Managing Director

Born and raised in western Uganda . Mr. Herman loves nature and beauty of environment, His dream in tourism is to make Africa  wildlife  charity  so that he protects wildlife in all African  countries  through teaching Africans about the purpose of those species and strengthen  the love to those who have interest in them . our director have a plan to support the National Parks which affected by natural calamities especially drought among others . additionally on that  in

July /17th/ 2020 he visited DRC region but the terrible  situation  in Congo , it strengthen his dream of conserving National parks in Africa and protect wildlife  ,Through supporting the parks financially and teaching people the purpose of conserving wildlife    due to the presence of  kidnaping, conflicts and civil unrest  in  three kasai province (kasai ,kasai oriental ,kasai-Central ) , which  interrupts tourists and this recognized as an obstacle in tourism industry of Africa .  he also wants to fight against poaching in Africa so that he makes Africa a world of wildlife  . His slogan is   ” TOGETHER WE CAN ”


Managing Director

Born  in the South western part of Uganda. Ms. Enid initially was in the medical field  since she is a graduate at UGR Granada  university  from Spain  in course of Biochemistry   and she specialized  in pharmacy  but her passion for travel made her venture into the tourism industry.

To expand her knowledge of the various tourism destinations and attractions. She made a decision to pursue a degree in Tourism  at Kampala  international  university  from Uganda where she learnt  French which  made  her to  become  more fluently in French speaking   

Hailing from one of the beautiful part of Uganda. Which is usually referred to as the “the Switzerland of Africa” because of its rolling hills and breathtaking scenic beauty.

She believes in conserving this beautiful nature for generations. It is the reason she is inspired by the words of the Late President of Tanzania, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere!

“The survival of our wildlife is a matter of grave concern to all of us in Africa. These wild creatures amidst the wild places they settle are not only important as a source of wonder and inspiration but also are basic part of our natural resources and our future livelihood and well-being.”

Her innovativeness, hard working, speaking several languages  such as(  Spanish , English , French , Swahili and Luganda known as a local language in Uganda)    and thirst to explore more , has made Bonobos African Safari Holidays go places leaving the visitors with memorable African Experiences


A graduate in Tourism and hospitality, Ms. Gloria is enthusiastic in making the tourism industry professional offering advice on corporate ventures and supervising the rest of the team.

She believes that every one of us has the will to impact this world positively.

Thriving  to challenge and constantly sets goals so that there is something to strive towards and always looking for an opportunity to do better.

“The best journeys in life are those that answer questions you never thought to ask”

Her professionalism, efficiency and team spirit makes the winning team at Bonobos African Holidays
Be sure to be stunned by her charming and warm smile as she welcomes you into Uganda “the Pearl of Africa”.

Reservations Manager

Anne a typical example of the East African cooperation having roots in both Kenya and Uganda. She is a graduate with a bachelor’s of Tourism from Makerere University with experience in the Tourism industry for over 10 years.

“With the experience I have got in the past years I pride in great inter-personal and communication skills which are vital in the hospitality industry”

Whatever safari holiday, honeymoon, trips, she tailors and makes you a memorable experience by putting a consideration in your personal needs, time and budget.

Putting a smile on the clients face let alone having them visit again or recommend others is the best satisfying feeling I get after organizing the clients safari”

A flexible, professional and knowledgeable lady who is never too busy to give any assistance as you prepare your safari holiday.

All your inquiries will be promptly responded to. The possibilities are endless and adventures stunning.

Financial controller

Having had a chance to traverse most of Uganda, Herman has become so passionate about tourism and travel especially about peoples cultures.

An outgoing gentleman who appreciates culture who believes that despite our busy schedules as we try to make ends meet we also need to travel.

This revamps our energies to make us more productive.
A self driven person by the quote of Eugene Fodor “You don’t have to be rich to travel well.”

He aims to contribute growth to Bonobos African holidays through processes enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Herman always welcomes you to Bonobos African holidays to organize your next holiday but will always say “Kindly pay on time.”

Sales and Reservations

Knowledgeable about East Africa as a destination and its tourism attractions, Tausi disseminates all the relevant information the client will require.

She is tasked with creating appealing, relevant content and recommendations for the world market.
She turns inquiries into safaris by creating original and thrilling safaris.

Even she does go out of her way to tailor and make the best holiday and value for your money. She always smiles at the quote “I can’t think of anything that excites a greater sense of childlike wonder than to be in a country where you are ignorant of almost everything.”

However all this is sorted as she avails all the relevant information. She lets you own the safari.