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Meet the Amazing Agashya Gorilla Family: A Story of Friendship and Protection

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Meet the Amazing Agashya Gorilla Family: A Story of Friendship and Protection

In Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, there’s a special group of gorillas called the Agashya Gorilla Family. They’re famous for their strong bonds and the way they stick together. Let’s dive into their world and learn about their adventures!

Getting to Know the Agashya Gorilla Family:

The Agashya Gorilla Family gets its name from its leader, Agashya. He’s like the big boss of the family. The group has other members too, like young gorillas who love to play and older ones who are wise. Together, they do everything from finding food to taking care of each other.

Agashya is a big, powerful gorilla who looks after everyone in the family. He’s like their protector and guide. With him in charge, the Agashya family explores their home, finds food, and teaches the young ones how to be gorillas.

Why They’re Important:

Life isn’t always easy for the Agashya Gorilla Family. They face dangers like losing their homes, hunters, and sickness. But people who care about gorillas work hard to keep them safe. Groups like the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and the Rwanda Development Board help protect the Agashya family and others like them.

Thanks to these efforts, the Agashya Gorilla Family has a safe place to live and grow. They’re not just surviving; they’re thriving. Plus, when people visit to see them, it helps the local community too.

Meeting the Agashya Gorilla Family:

If you want to meet the Agashya Gorilla Family, you can! Guided tours take visitors on adventures to find these amazing creatures. Trained guides lead the way through the forest, where you might spot the Agashya family playing, eating, or just hanging out.

When visiting, it’s super important to be respectful. Keeping a safe distance, not staring at the gorillas, and following the rules helps keep everyone happy and safe.


The Agashya Gorilla Family teaches us about friendship, bravery, and taking care of each other. By working together to protect them and their home, we can make sure they stay around for a long time. Let’s celebrate these incredible gorillas and all they bring to our world!

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