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“Mountain Gorillas: The Amazing Apes of the Mountains”

“Mountain Gorillas: The Amazing Apes of the Mountains”

Deep within the African mountains, there’s a group of extraordinary animals known as mountain gorillas. These gentle giants have captured the interest of people worldwide. In this article, we’ll explore mountain gorillas, what they’re like, and why they need our help to survive.

Getting to Know Mountain Gorillas

Where They Live

Mountain gorillas live in the mountains of Africa, particularly in places like the Virunga Mountains (shared by Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo) and Uganda’s Bwindi Forest.

What They Look Like

These gorillas are big and furry, perfect for staying warm in the mountains. Adult males, called silverbacks, have a distinctive silver patch on their back when they grow up. They’re the leaders of their families and can weigh as much as 400 pounds. Adult females are smaller, about half the size.

How Mountain Gorillas Behave

Family Time

Mountain gorillas live in family groups. These groups are like tight-knit families with a leader (the silverback), several adult females, and their kids. They stick together for protection and support.

Talking in Gorilla Language

Gorillas communicate in various ways. They make sounds like hoots, grunts, and chest-beating to express themselves and show who’s boss.

Eating Habits

Mountain gorillas mostly eat plants like leaves and shoots. They spend a lot of their day finding and munching on these greens. They can eat a lot, up to 75 pounds of food each day!

Daily Life

These gorillas are active during the day, which means they’re up and about when the sun is shining. They split their time between eating, resting, and hanging out with their family.

Why Mountain Gorillas Need Our Help

They’re in Danger

Mountain gorillas face serious threats like losing their homes due to deforestation, being hunted by poachers, and living in areas with conflicts. Because of these problems, they’re at great risk of disappearing.

Success Stories

The good news is that many people are working hard to protect these gorillas. Thanks to their efforts, the number of mountain gorillas has started to grow again.

Visiting Mountain Gorillas

Tourists can help by visiting mountain gorillas responsibly. This helps fund efforts to save them and spreads the word about their importance.


Mountain gorillas are incredible creatures living in the African mountains. Their fascinating behaviors and unique way of life make them special. But they’re also in danger, and it’s up to us to make sure they continue to roam the mountains for generations to come. By supporting conservation and being responsible tourists, we can be part of the solution to protect these amazing animals. Let’s cherish and safeguard our mountain gorilla friends!

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