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NYENGE NYEGE FESTIVAL IN AFRICA It is a 4day international music festival in East Africa, particularly Uganda, given its special grouping that guarantees party atmosphere at the Nile. The Nile is best known for being the longest river in the world, called the father of African rivers, that is located at Jinja town.

It rises south of the Equator and flows northward through northeastern Africa to drain into the Mediterranean Sea. “For those four days at least, we really want you to have the best time of your life and discover Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.’’

Nyege Nyege is an event where people meet and enjoy music, dance and other artistic forms. Music and dance are a growing part of the creative tourism industry. Like other festivals and cultural displays, they are part of the everyday spaces of leisure, as well as a source of audience pleasure.

Nyege Nyege is allowed to continue in Uganda. NYENGENYEGE FESTIVAL IN AFRICA its assign of preparedness to handle large number of tourists after the pandemic. The event provides chances for the tourists to taste locally produced foods, buy crafts, showcase in performance art, as well as social or cultural activities.

Talent booster

While at Nyege Nyege Festival, a four days non-Stop party at the Nile, it is all about showcasing talents. The festival ‘has grown beyond showcasing creative arts talent,  NYENGENYEGE FESTIVAL IN AFRICA to showing the beauty of Uganda. The festival is also at the forefront of national tourism, by introducing camping culture to Ugandan audiences.

It brings an urge to dance though not in the mood

most importantly, Nyege Nyege is all about dancing. When the urge is no longer controllable 0r manageable, you must let the sound of drums to take over.


Organizers set up a drift adventure center, where guests can book. Such include study, performing arts and cultural tours, boat cruise and game driving, water rafting as well as bicycle riding. Nyege Nyege is not just a music festival, but is a destination event attracting tourists from all over the world.

We’d love to credit everyone involved in putting this year’s festival together. We look forward to see you in big number next time!!






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