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Queen Elizabeth ll dies at 96, culminating the reign in Britain

Queen ll dies at 96 Queen Elizabeth ll, firstly Britain’s secured longest, the nation’s mouthpiece and a dominant existence on the world point for seven era, deceased peacefully at her household at Balmoral in Scotland on Thursday aged 96.

We pass our call specifically  to the effort of a dear independent and a much loved mother, peace in her eternal and easy rest. Her absence will be entirely shocked throughout the whole world for all the remarkable things she has done to various nations in the world, sincere thanks from Uganda.

    Highlights #Queen Elizabeth ll dies at 96

  • Queen had ruled for 70 years.

  • His eldest son becomes the king after her death.

  • Records to the world.

  • wildlife in the park

  • our sincere condolence

Queen had reigned for 70 years #Queen Elizabeth ll dies at 96

The royal family announced her death, Queen Elizabeth ll dies at 96saying the Queen “died peacefully” at Balmoral castle in Scotland. As a leader of state for United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, her 70 year era spanned more than dozen US presidents and nine popes.

Elizabeth was the 40th queen in a royal line that followed Norman. Her marriage to Prince Philip lasted for 73 years, until his death in April 2021, and they had four children, Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward. .

Charles his eldest son comes to be the king of Britain after Queen Elizabeth’s death #Queen Elizabeth ll dies at 96

Here is who is the one in the line of chain, Charles the elder son of Queen Elizabeth has become the king after her death and his abilities to do the similar job in the line with what the queen has done to the world.

“A moment of the greatest sadness for all members of my family, Queen Elizabeth ll dies at 96 I know her loss will be deeply felt in the whole country, the realms and common wealth and by countless people around the world”  shortly Charles called the death of his mother in a speech.

Records to the world #Queen Elizabeth ll dies at 96

Queen Elizabeth was accountable to visiting every country in the world like Togo, Cameroon, Rwanda and Uganda included.

”queen Elizabeth was the head of the state from 1962 to 1963 until the state became independent. Furthermore, Queen Elizabeth ll dies at 96 she named the former Kazinga national park as Queen Elizabeth national park the most visited park in the country”

wildlife in this park are so many;#Queen Elizabeth ll dies at 96

The park has wild life like hippos, Queen Elizabeth ll dies at 96 African elephant, spotted hyenas, Nile crocodiles, buffaloes among others. Its also known as the best place for watching tree climbing lions in the whole world as well as Manyara national park in Tanzania. Queen Elizabeth national park offers many activities such as nature walks, boat cruises, bird watching, and chimpanzees trekking among others.

Since she kissed the land of Uganda, her blessings made Uganda a land of stories. Meanwhile, this made all Africa in one country.

our sincere condolence #Queen Elizabeth ll dies at 96

Rest in peace our majesty queen Elizabeth, the queen of all nations

We shall always celebrate you heartily


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