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'Lake Victoria is the largest African

 ‘Lake Victoria is the largest African Great Lake by area, the world’s largest tropical lake and the second largest fresh water body in the world’

Africa’s greatest & largest lake! Lake Victoria is the largest African Great Lake by area, the world’s largest tropical lake and the second largest fresh water body in the world. The lake has gone through major changes in biodiversity and has been the site of the most development and conservation projects, both failures and successes of all the African Great Lakes. Lake Victoria was formed about 400,000 years ago, and lies 1,134 m above sea level. It has a surface area of 68,800 km2, an average depth of 40 m, a maximum depth of 80 m, a volume of 2,760 km3, and a basin area of 195,000 km2, which extends to Rwanda and Burundi. The shoreline is shared by Kenya (6%), Uganda (43%), and Tanzania (51%). The Kagera, Katonga, Sio, Yala, Nyando, Sondu Miriu, and Mara rivers feed the lake and the River Nile carries water out of the lake.

The climate in the lake basin varies from tropical rain forest with rainfall over the lake for much of the year to a semi dry climate with intermittent droughts over some areas, and with temperatures varying between 12-26°C. Most of the lake’s water comes from rainfall (117 km3/year) while almost the same amount of water is lost through evaporation (105 km3/year) and carried out by the Nile (33 km3/year). The natural vegetation of the basin consists of patches of closed evergreen forest along the western and northern shores with open landscapes and swamp wetlands in bays, making a suitable habitat for birds, crocodiles, and hippopotamus.

What makes it special

Alongside its rich history, cultural wealth, and spectacular wildlife, Lake Victoria is special for being one of only two places in East Africa where it’s possible to watch the sunset over water without being on the coast! Lake Turkana in Northern Kenya is the other.

Standing in the heart of East Africa, Lake Victoria is an enormous mass of water that stretches across countries, cultures, and histories. A visit to the lake offers the chance to explore the diversity of local communities, as well as sight some of Africa’s most prized wildlife.  However, it’s also a source of electricity (hydroelectric power) that is generated at Owen falls dam in jinja (Uganda)

Lake Victoria’s values

Before the 1960s, the lake had high fish species diversity of more than 500 fish species mostly local cichlids, carps, and minnow but these were reduced to less than 300 species after the Nile perch was introduced which caused a decrease in the clearness of the water. Lake Victoria supports the largest freshwater fishery in the world which by 2015 was producing one million tons of fish per year. The lake employs about 200,000 people in direct fishing and supports livelihoods of up to four million people.

It also generates over 150 million dollars in export earnings, and provides high quality fish protein to about eight million people in the basin. and as well as an important transport route linking the East African States, is a reservoir for at least four hydropower stations along the Nile, provides water for industrial and domestic use, and regulates local climate. It has the largest number of urban areas in its basin of all the African Great Lakes, and its wetlands receive and treat waste water from both urban and agricultural areas.

Two introduced species, Nile Perch and Nile Tilapia and one native species, Silver Cyprinid, currently form the main fishery and present opportunities for value added fish products. The lake basin has fertile soils with climate that supports cash crops such tea and coffee and food crops such as beans, maize and bananas. Most industrial expansion in the African Great Lakes region is in the Lake Victoria basin.

Some minerals, such as gold, are mined in the lake basin. Several tourism destinations exist on islands and shorelines, and there is potential for sport fishing, boating, and cruising safaris.

Lake Victoria as a top tourist attraction

It’s one of the greatest lakes in the world and is popular for its spectacular beauty, lush tropical islands and beautiful beachside hotels and resorts. There are over 200 fish species in Lake Victoria which makes it a sought-after destination for a fishing tour in Africa.

The largest lake on the African continent, gifted with a size of 68,800 sq. km, Lake Victoria is the world’s second largest freshwater lake after Lake Superior in North America. It is one of Africa’s ‘Great Lakes’ named after Queen Victoria, the Queen of the United Kingdom, by John Hanning Speke in 1858.

Lake Victoria is located in Eastern Central Africa and is almost 400,000 years old. It spans across three countries: Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and is known by different local Bantu names: Nam Lolwe by Luo, Nnalubaale Baganda, and Nyanza by other Bantu tribes.

Lake Victoria is the principal source of the River Nile, which drains it by about 15%.  The River Nile is one of the world’s most important and longest rivers flowing northwards to the Mediterranean Sea through Egypt.

Tourist activities at Lake Victoria

The lake and the surrounding offers several tourist activities such as, fishing trips, bird watching, hiking and boat-rides. Swimming is also possible but should be done with caution. Lake Victoria has many vibrant tourist activities that you should not miss out on, so let’s explore…

The Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Island is located south-east of Entebbe in Lake Victoria. It is also called the Chimpanzee Island and is home to more than 40 rescued chimpanzees that are unable to return to the wild. You will have a chance to see the chimps wander freely via a raised platform. This is different from seeing chimps in the wild, here there is an electrified fence that separates the chimps from humans, and you will learn the individual profile of each chimpanzee, personality, and its history. You will also have a wonderful experience with the big monitor lizard. You will enjoy both half-day speed boat trips and full-day motorized canoe trips from morning to afternoon and evening respectively. Just let us know, we shall add this trip to your safari.

Ssese Island

It is a tropical island and is among the top ten world’s hidden treasures, secrets, and best Islands. the Island is highly visited by tourists, and it takes an airplane, a boat, or a ferry to get there. it’s the Island that has surprise sandy-beaches, horseback rides, hiking, ATV Quad biking, Nile Perch fishing, and birding. Ssese Island is the best place to chill-out and relax after a long safari e.g. volcano climbing. Never miss out on a visit to Ssese Island.

Sail from Entebbe to Jinja across the Lake on the MV Vanessa.

You will follow Winston Churchill’s boat route he took to Jinja in Uganda where he popularized the slogan ‘pearl of Africa’ which is a comfortable and pleasant name for Uganda appreciating its unique mother beauty. This is a fantastic example of tourism with a purpose.

Mabamba Bay wetlands at Lake Victoria

Mabamba wetlands are the best place for spotting the mighty Shoebill that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. To spot the Shoebill on a safari is by using a guided local boat .

The largest freshwater body in Africa, Africa’s greatest & largest lake! is a home to many water birds. Birders have a great chance to come across different types, this leaves you with a great and memorable birding experience.

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre #Africa’s greatest & largest lake!

This is a mini-safari to the zoo and the vegetation surrounding it, Africa’s greatest & largest lake! while enjoying eye-catching, memorable, scenic views of the shores of Lake Victoria. The zoo is located on the edge of the lake.

Horseback riding along the Nile river/Jinja

Don’t miss out on a fantastic 2-3-hour horse ride.  Enjoy the beautiful Nile scenic views and the warm hospitality of the local people who wave to you as you pass by their homes. The Australian maintain & train well their own horses to be healthy.

Quad Biking around Jinja #Africa’s greatest & largest lake!

Quad biking is a great and amazing experience for tourists who like speed and dirt. Explore villages around the banks of the River Nile and back at the lodge you will be all smiles and covered with mud except your white teeth, Africa’s greatest & largest lake!

 Fishing trip #Africa’s greatest & largest lake!

We organize all kinds of trips that include multiple day trips, Africa’s greatest & largest lake! camping trips, full-day trips, morning or afternoon trips etc. Examples of fish include Tilapia, yellow fish, and the occasional catfish. Tourists pursue these fish mainly in Lake Victoria and on the River Nile. All safety gear, Africa’s greatest & largest lake! fishing gear and camping equipment for those that stay overnight are available.  Just let us know and book with us.

Visit the source of the Nile in Jinja

John Hanning Speke is the first European explorer to discover the source of the Nile in Uganda in 1858. The source of the Nile has wonderful and beautiful gardens that attract thousands of tourists. Here you will take a guided boat ride to show you the exact source of the Nile, Lake Victoria. There still building the site to meet world-class tourism standards.

Chill-out and Relax along the Nile River

As most come to just see Jinja, Africa’s greatest & largest lake! others come to relax and chill-out. Wild water lodge is a premier spot with a white water section in the middle of the river Nile. Wild water lodge is one of the best and ultimate chill-out locations in Uganda. There are many great and fantastic hotels along the Nile and the massive Nile harbor. Never miss-out relax and chill-out along the Nile River from after a tiring volcano climb or gorilla trek.

Experimenting Bungee jumping into the River Nile at Jinja

Experience Bungee jumping in the mighty River Nile. Bungee jumping in one of the world’s longest rivers is quite something!  Bungee jumping is for either day or night!

Sunset cruise on the River Nile and Lake Victoria

This ferry cruise is fantastic and enjoyable and we can arrange for you some BBQ snacks with drinks. You will enjoy the golden glittering Nile and Lake Victoria water as the sun sets. A magical and amazing evening (darkness sets in at almost 10mins past 7pm).

White water rafting on river Nile in Jinja #Africa’s greatest & largest lake!

This leaves you with a great memorable rafting experience that you will never forget. Here you will raft in the white section of the river Nile. White water rafting from mild to wild takes 1-2days and we can organize a trip of your choice. You can enjoy yourself with your friends and family; never miss this trip on your safari to Uganda!

Jet-boating on river Nile in Jinja #Africa’s greatest & largest lake!

You will take a jet-boat ride up the rapids of the River Nile. The pilot leading the ride is well-guided and knows the river very well, Africa’s greatest & largest lake! so this is a safe adventure.  Jet-boating is for those who don’t want to stay longer on the river.

Places to Chill-out and relax on Lake Victoria in Entebbe

Before you fly out, spend some time chilling on the shores of Lake Victoria. There are fabulous hotels like the 2-friends Beach Hotel located right on the lake. Entebbe is an excellent place to wind up your safari experience, hotel prices range from budget to luxury.

Lake Victoria’s Equator Island

Lake Victoria’s Equator Island is also called Lwaji Island, and you can take a fun boat trip to the island where the Equator passes across Lake Victoria.  meanwhile, you will enjoy the tranquil blue water, the mild blowing winds, pleasant and refreshing atmosphere. furthermore, the Island has very many different bird species that create an amazing chirping tone, Africa’s greatest & largest lake! you will catch a glimpse of the flying egrets and kingfishers along the surface of the water. lastly, you will see the incredible and giant trees which grow on the surface of the Island rock. It is an exciting and amazing thing to see where the line of the Equator passes through Lake Victoria.

Threats to Lake Victoria #Africa’s greatest & largest lake!

The major threats to the lake are;

  • deforestation,
  • land use change,
  • wetland degradation
  • discharge from urban areas,
  • industries
  • farmlands.

Accommodations in Lake Victoria

Choose from a wide range of properties such as;

Wag Hill Lodge & Spa (Butimba)#Africa’s greatest & largest lake!

However, its set in Butimba 16 km from Mwanza Train Station, Wag Hill Lodge & Spa offers accommodation with a restaurant, Africa’s greatest & largest lake! a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and a 24-hour front desk for your convenience. It also offers a sun terrace. The accommodation also provides a business Centre and free private parking…it’s absolutely beautiful & lovely!

Cozy Private Apartments with beautiful view of Lake Victoria (Mwanza)

Set in Mwanza, 8.1 km from CCM Kirumba Stadium and 10 km from Mwanza Train Station, it offers accommodation with free Wi-Fi, & air conditioning…so amazing!

Malaika Beach Resort (Mwanza)

Meanwhile, its situated along the shores of Lake Victoria, it offers a complimentary airport shuttle and features an outdoor swimming pool, spa and restaurant…interesting!

Simba jike (Mwanza)#Africa’s greatest & largest lake!

Furthermore, it offers a terrace and garden view, Simba jike is located in Mwanza, 8.5 km from CCM Kirumba Stadium and 11 km from Mwanza Train Station…cool to live in!





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