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Birds evade from Europe and Asia because of the hard winter state, since Uganda has good temperature of around 25c-29c. All migratory birds Uganda receives is like one million.

Although Entebbe is the end for birds moving from north to the south part, variety of new types are viewed here.

migratory-birds-to-ugandaNew bird type in Murchison fall

2019, Uganda registered new types of birds such as red fronted parrot that stayed in Murchison fall national park and its revive increases number of bird types in Uganda like the grey-headed kingfisher, the open billed stork ,the giant king fisher, among others .

Black collared barbet

In 2018, bird type on register was black collared barbet. this one has poor connection with swamps, its first sight was in lake Mburo national park.

Rare birds in lake Mburo

In 2016, new bird type on register was crested barbet that settled in lake Mburo national park. while here, you will view rare birds such as tabora cist cola, green snipe, and green wood hoopoe.

Beautiful birds in Karamoja region

Meanwhile, in the same year 2016, blue capped cordon bleu was registered, this bird type choose Karamoja region. Narus river is in Kidepo national park, and pian upe game reserve. All are good site for birding.

They also have more types of birds like steel blue whydah, buff crested bustard, white bellied canary, among others.

Birds migrate on purpose

Bird migration is one of the world’s most extra ordinary wonders, birds move annually. Most birds in the northern part move to the southern part, for survival chances, breeding purposes among others.

Water and non-water birds that come to Uganda

Millions of birds migrate and wonders in the African continent, perhaps about 20% are both water birds such as  anhinga, great egret, Egyptian goose and non-water birds like ostriches, pigeons, grebes, pheasants among others.

Birds migrate in winter season

Mainly during winter season in Asia, Eastern Europe and Siberia sub region, migrant types that are linked to the Mediterranean, fly highly using the Nile basin for movements to Uganda. Season involve the spreading of birds that reach in October and fly back in March , April and October.

How do birds migrate

Birds tend to reduce fats and get how to control their sleep patterns before they fly basing on the migratory route using the direction of sunshine. These types includes the gull, passerines, small waders, ducks, and storks plus flamingos, swallows, black terns, among others.

Common things birds love to do

Bird watching is one of the best activities in the country, the lead is to showcase the birds of Uganda. Most of the birds are related to culture belief of the mothers and has several uses like mixing sweet songs, studding time, and meaning cultural spells.

Wild birds

They bewitch by the atmosphere and relief of the area , Uganda has 14 types of wild types including common shoebill, fox weaver, blue swallow in Bwindi impassable forest national park.

Bird watching

Uganda conserved areas in both rural and urban for ruling the bird types in the wetland and upland site. These include the fish eagle, African pygmy goose, vultures among others. while, bird watching is good in the early morning and late evening,

Colorful birds

Some bird types have gifts to perform set purposes that aroused the spirit of touring in Uganda by most people. these include peacock, crested crane, among others.

Bird messenger

God blessed birds to take data, such birds are the pigeon that stayed in Queen Elizabeth National Park, best second in Kidepo Valley National Park.


Meanwhile, birds are gifted in mixing sweet songs majorly in the mornings such are robin, and Eurasian wren, among others. Similarly, series of dawn chorus recordings is to be captured in the heart of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda
While other birds are good at telling time by starting the day with their cry.

Endemic birds in Uganda# MIGRATORY BIRDS TO UGANDA

However, MIGRATORY BIRDS TO UGANDA Uganda endemic bird types included fox’s weaver and the Ruwenzori Bauble collared sunbird.

Songs are part of bird’s courtship behavior, although it is enjoyable to bird watchers.


Meanwhile, MIGRATORY BIRDS TO UGANDA they can copy sounds, heard in their environment. Thus, bird watchers enjoy. Among the games played such as climb the rope, hide and seek, lets fly, and others, parrot loves to swing.
Furthermore, according to bonobos African safari holiday Uganda is the best place for birding in Africa

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